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Month: July 2019

This is The Reason Why Investment in Apartments is Very Profitable

Apartment investment is one of the most developed types of investment. Limited land in large cities and increasingly expensive land prices in urban areas have created property developers to consider vertical residential options. Vertical residential like an apartment has its charm. In addition to places that often have direct access to shopping centers, apartments often offer convenient facilities at a hotel. Because of the increasing market demand, not a few people are starting to work on apartment investments.

Here are five dividends from apartment investments that are the opposite of other investment instruments.

  • Starting to Become a Trend and Growing

With the development of technology and times, human mobilization is increasing. To fill this request, it takes a residence that is not too large but is tolerable and comfortable. This need is offered by apartments, which are residential options for young couples who rarely drain their time at home. Not a few couples who are married also choose apartments because of the access, convenience, and place offered.

You can witness this development from vertical residential development, which is not uncommon around shopping centers or TOD (Transit Oriented Development) places such as transit points near terminals or stations. This development will benefit your investment because with increasing demand, the escalation of apartment prices will also increase. If you start early, we can buy an apartment with a more affordable price and sell it at a higher price.

  • Can Be Purchased With Small Capital

The price of the apartment is indeed diverse, the apartment with the same area but the opposite place must have the opposite price. The more strategic the apartment is, the more expensive the apartment price will be.

However, you should not think that investment can only be made in a good apartment place. Non-medium-sized apartments in the city center also offer quite significant price increases. With much smaller capital compared to other property investments, you have been able to work on apartment investments. The choice of different apartment prices is very profitable for investors to choose investments that match their capabilities. Besides, we can also use credit assistance from banks or developers to facilitate financing.

  • Can Be Rented With Various Periods

To get dividends in addition to capital gains, apartments can also be rented. However, if you work on property investment, lots of rents will be carried out per year or 6 months. This is the opposite of an apartment. For those of you who have an apartment unit, you can rent it out each month even per day. Rental rates also vary.

You can rent an apartment at a higher price if the convenience in your unit is quite complete. The extent of a unit can provoke rental prices. You can take advantage of Traveloka.com’s online accommodation platform to sell our units and rent them with a trusted system. If at any time you need the apartment, we can use the group again without having to worry about contractual attachments.

  • Selling Prices That Will Increase

In stock investment, there is a big amount, maybe your share price will go down, and you feel a loss. However, this matter does not need to be worried about apartment investment. The increase in the apartment exceeds the development of the inflation rate, to the extent that you do not need our investment phobia consumed by inflation. Second, like property prices, apartments will often experience price escalations, whether low or high.

The percentage of apartment escalation is 5% to 10% per year. In the long run, this escalation will accumulate, and your initial investment will be the most profitable. This higher selling price will lead to your investment benefit. Besides you have used the apartment (abandoned or leased), you also get dividends from escalating selling prices.

  • Savings-Based Investment

Apartment investment can be witnessed as one of the deposit-based investment formats. The reason, we will not be easily tempted to make the investment as cash and spend it.

This is certainly the opposite if you work on investing in gold or foreign exchange. If you need money, then you can immediately sell it for cash. Apartment investment can help control the nature of impulsive purchases and help regulate your expenses. The kind of an apartment that is not too liquid can be assessed as a positive aspect of your financial planning.

Tips for Investing in an Apartment

If we are interested in working on apartment investment, you must pay attention to the following points.

  1. Location
    The location of an apartment is very dominant in the escalation of prices and prospects in the future. Some matters that must be considered are access to transportation, access to public facilities, access to shopping centers, and the area or area of the apartment.
  2. Apartment Facilities
    Apartments usually have complete facilities such as sports fields, swimming pools, gyms, and shared rooms. Apartments with complete facilities like this are very suitable for investment.
  3. Status of land
    Make sure that you make an apartment purchase from land that is indeed owned by the developer (not having a build, operate, transfer or BOT status). BOT status is the status where the asset is a government property that is utilized by the private sector around a certain time. If the agreement period expires, the asset will be returned to the government.
  4. Apartment Security System
    For the security system, it is imperative for every investor to consider this. It is starting from the system of entry of guests or residents and the number of security checks of the apartment. Apartment security must be the main point sought by residents so that the selling price will be even higher.

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The Grandest and Most Luxurious Houses that Can Make You Build Your Own Casino or Poker Room

Not many people want to settle in the most luxurious residential locations in the world.

Understandably, now the area of the residence is not only useful as a place to stay, but also a symbol of the social position of the owner.

So, it is not surprising that not a few people are struggling to realize the location where their dreams live, even though they have to spend a lot of money.

That’s what all world billionaires do. They are willing to publish money up to tens of billions to make their version of a magnificent palace. Even they can have their own Casino or Poker room in their houses, build internet networking to connect to an online betting site, and bet for your favorite teams in sports bookies.

Curious, who is the most luxurious house in the world? The following six include:

  • Buckingham Palace

The most luxurious house in the world number one is no different, and it does not belong to the Queen of England, Elizabeth. This magnificent house known as Buckingham Palace is estimated to be worth the US $ 1.5 billion or for Rp. 21 trillion.

The house, located in London, England, has an area of ​​77 thousand meters, with the convenience of 775 rooms belonging to 19 staterooms, 52 bedrooms, 188 employee rooms, 92 offices, and 78 bathrooms.

This house filled with 800 staff members is the result of the collaboration work of all the familiar architects of his time such as John Nash, Edward Blore, Aston Webb, Thomas Cubitt, and William Winde.

  • Antilia

Other luxury homes this time are located in Mumbai, India. This 37 thousand square meter house is estimated to be worth the US $ 1 billion or for Rp. 14.1 trillion.

This house belongs to Mukesh Ambani, a businessman of energy and raw materials, and his house consists of 27 floors, a six-story parking location, and three helicopter runways.

  • Fairfield Pond Four

The next most luxurious house is located in Sagaponack, New York, United States, with prices estimated at the US $ 248 million or for Rp. 3.5 trillion.

The house that has 29 restrooms with a land area of ​​255 thousand square meters is owned by Ira Rennert, the owner of Renco Group, an investment company in a car factory, and iron smelting. Rennert also has his own company in the metal and mining fields.

In addition to the 29 bedrooms, this residence also has 39 bathrooms, a basketball court, bowling alley, tennis courts, three swimming pools, and a 27.7-meter long dining room. Not only that, but this luxury residence also has its source of electricity. Wow, amazing right? So it’s like Tony Stark’s Avengers office. Imagine you can invite all your family and friends to play in your basketball court or watching the NBA final while betting on your favorite team. You can start by registering your account on the website.

  • 18-19 Kensington Palace Gardens

Arcelor Mittal’s leader, Lakshmi Mittal, has become the most luxurious home in the world in our next arrangement. The owner of the largest steel factory in the world has a house located in London, England, at a price of US $ 222 million or for Rp. 3.1 trillion.

Uniquely, the location of this luxurious residence is in line with the residence location of Prince William and Kate Middleton. It could be because of its strategic location for the price of this living location to be towed.

Not only that, this residence has 12 bedrooms, a Turkish-style bathroom, a pond inside the house, and a parking location that can be filled with 20 cars at once. The house which is currently in 18-19 square has super luxurious furnishings such as antique wall decorations.

  • Seven The Pinnacle

This luxurious house is located in Big Sky, Montana, United States, with prices estimated at the US $ 155 million or for Rp 2.2 trillion.

The house located in this mountainous location is owned by Edra and Tim Blixseth, real estate developers and wood entrepreneurs who enforce the Yellowstone Club.

This house is the largest property in the Yellowstone Club with the luxury of convenience that makes us gawk, one of which can be a private ski location. Also, the residence also has a heating floor, more than one swimming pool, a gym location, and a ski lift that increasingly makes this house look magnificent.

  • 7 Upper Phillimore Gardens

The most expensive luxury house in the world is owned by Olena Pinchuk, located in London, England. Olena Pinchuk is the daughter of Leonid Kuchma who is none other than the second president of Ukraine who is also the founder of ANTIAIDS Foundation and a well-known singer of Elton John.

The house, which is estimated to be equivalent to the US $ 128 million or for Rp 1.8 trillion, has very secure facilities. For example, only underground swimming pools, saunas, fitness locations, private cinemas, and panic rooms.

The very luxurious part of the residence is decorated with marble, gold, and even works of art that are priceless.

That’s the six most luxurious houses in the world. Who is inspired to have a location like them? Even though you don’t have such an excellent location, remember that the nature of the place of residence is not the extent of the building and land, but the comfort in it thanks to the harmonious relations of one family member.