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6 Reasons for the Millennial Generation to Choose an Apartment Instead of a House

Speaking of occupancy, large sizes are not often better. The fact is, not a few who feel they are getting used from living in a residential location or small apartment. Apart from being cost-effective, small-sized dwellings can also make you more creative in thinking about decorative tricks and imaginative solutions to juggle small places to stay stylish.

This is the reason why the millennial generation chooses apartments rather than home

  • Prices are Relatively Cheaper

The problem is, to be able to purchase a conventional residence site, the land has also been depleted. Even if there is, the exorbitant price becomes the biggest challenge in having it.

Automatic options will also fall into the apartment. Although actually when calculated carefully, the price range will be the same. Houses are called expensive because they have two types of ownership. Ownership of rights to buildings and property of land.

Meanwhile, the ownership obtained from the apartment is merely the right of the building. That is often limited to 20 years.

  • Guaranteed Internet Access in The Middle of The City

For millennials, they cannot live without the internet a day. This reasoning makes sense when it comes to working professionals. While not a few, we have encountered that internet connection is far more potential if compared with rural areas that are not sufficiently touched by the internet network.

Today, there seems to be no more type of activity that does not require an internet connection. Especially as the younger generation does not use the internet a little not only for work purposes. The internet is also used as a communication and social media device.

Coupled with the release of stress and fulfilling leisure time after all if it’s not playing games

  • Personal Pride or The Term “Style”

There is an interesting conversation: Where do you live now, bro? In the apartment blah..bla..bla … Wow, now you are successful … Yeah … that’s good …

A piece of the conversation has shown how the apartment occupant feels more valued and has a special sense of honor when referring to the location of his residence.

Don’t each person need that feeling?

  • Millennials Prefer The Challenge

The headaches and thirsty souls of obstacles are other arguments why these people want to choose an apartment compared to the location where they live. If they are glorified at the site where they live, they have best understood the norms and routines they usually face.

But it will be something interesting when they can enjoy how it feels to live in an apartment. Relations with complicated and complicated neighbors create them bored to communicate and interact each day.

Life in a familiar apartment is more individual. Rarely and even the absence of gossip and chatter here and there creates them to feel more enjoy and easy going to live their own lives.

  • Complete Facilities

For many apartments, they have provided sophisticated military facilities such as gym locations, swimming pools, cafes, food courts, and minimarkets in one building.

This, in addition to making it easy for daily needs, can also save time on the road. Because to meet the needs and desires do not need to go far away.

There are not many items that must be purified and treated
One small residential dividend is that there are not many items that you have to clean. You at the end have more time for other things.

  • There are Not a Few Choices of Apartment Types

Finally, the apartments have various types to suit their needs. Millennials can choose the type of apartment that suits their needs, starting from the studio type, type 1 room, ripe 2 room, type 3 room, and so on.

That’s 6 millennial propositions for choosing an apartment rather than a conventional residence. In addition to effective and efficient arguments, another plan is a sense of modernization that sometimes dominates their decisions

How to Quickly Rent an Apartment to Get Optimal Profit?

A few months later, we have had time to discuss how the apartment investment techniques, ranging from checking the documents to the facilities provided.

Now, now is the next step, friend, there are two things you can do to produce money when you have the unit. The first is to market the apartment and feel the benefits of capital gains while the second option is to rent out to others.

Talking about selling a property is relatively simple, which is urgently active in capital and patient, when I found a suitable buyer, voila! As much money goes into your savings. Another story is when apartment investments are made, the plan is indeed to be leased whether it’s annual, monthly, or even daily. There is a cost that must be borne when it has not been sold. Then it is also necessary to take care of the unit so that it is always shiny. I, as a tenant, will be reluctant if the items offered are dirty!

Therefore, this peel is the point of view of a property consumer. How exactly is the technique to quickly rent an apartment to the extent that you can reach optimal dividends. Let’s Go!

How to quickly rent out an apartment from a consumer perspective

  • Maintained Apartment Unit

Caring for an apartment that wants to be rented is relatively more difficult. Why? If it is sold, once in routine care, it is routinely sold and sold, the end is already over, right? Maybe you are taking care of an apartment that has sold well. It belongs to someone else. It might be angry.

Whereas when rented, when the rental period is finished, then we start to fix it again. Paint that is faded in the middle, if necessary, replace the removable wallpaper. The floor is rubbed until shiny, and so on. If you are lazy to renovate, you should not expect anyone who wants to chart your place. Still not a few units next to that offer merchandise. Read More: Various Benefits of Vehicle Rental when Filling Holidays

When I select apartment units, do you know what I saw one time? The bathroom or toilet; however, the place is very sacred and easily dirty, is very ignored by the tenant. If the bathroom had been sleek, it could be said that the apartment unit was very suitable to inhabit. But if there are cobwebs and so on, well I would not continue watching the other room. So make you all apartment owners, if you want the unit to sell quickly, then scrub the bathroom!

  • Support Management Administration

However, the rental business is a matter of “trust and comfort.” Especially if you want to last and be known positively by the outside community. So, friend, if you already have an apartment, you know how complicated it is to deal with small but many administrations. Starting from managing if you want to enter large items, an arrangement of parking lots, to service units and monthly fees. Well for some people, especially those who have never settled in a multi-dwelling place, the first sentence that will appear usually

“Hm, really complicated, not a few who must be taken care of.”

It is indeed the tenant’s responsibility, and we, as owners, do not need to bother. But, please sit quietly if you want to do business perfunctorily. If you want a lot of movement, help manage the administrative elements until they are done, you should not be surprised if your services will be indirectly promoted by word of mouth by clients.

  • Photography

The apartment unit has been renovated, and then you are sure to be ready to look after the prospective tenants. Wait a minute, how do you contact the tenant? In this over-sophisticated era, I often browse before searching for anything, including an apartment. Scroll up and down, the one witnessed is not the price. The eye will automatically snatch the image on the computer screen or cellphone, then compare the price.

That is why, it is highly recommended for you if you want to enter a business that uses the internet, using a reliable photographer. Do not need to pay dearly. It is enough friends who are fond of photographs told to help take pictures of apartments.

Even if he doesn’t ask for a payment, he still gives the appropriate rupiah number. Remember, they pay a lot of money to be able to add to the portfolio with the technique of hiring beautiful models. It’s a mistake if you ask for help and doesn’t give a return.

Back to the apartment’s photography…

Once upon a time, a middle-aged woman who was still fantastic turned out to want to rent her apartment. Very clean, he is the doctor who escorts the body and his house, call him Anita. Well, unfortunately, this Anita aunt can’t get photos. So he portrayed the unit with an old cellphone without a flash.


Then upload it.

A handsome young man with the name Andy is looking for an apartment over the internet, glancing at the portrait of Aita’s residence. Ah, unfortunately, because the photos are not unique, it just goes through. The second loss is yes. Auntie Anita can’t get a client, and Andy doesn’t meet an aunt, who is so fantastic.

Try if Aunty Anita uses one of the services that help rent an apartment, say a website that also provides photography. It could be that the transaction will happen well and pleasantly, right?

  • Easy to contact

It’s neatly cleaned, ready to take care of the administration, the photo using an expensive photographer, uh, it turns out it’s hard to contact! So, make sure that our mobile number is active and can receive calls from prospective tenants. Indeed many people are not comfortable enough to indicate the telephone number on the internet, and the reason is that there are many things.

I want to tell you some tricks.

Buy a new cellphone number, but it’s quite complicated indeed. Or use rental services that often exist in each apartment, the term is selling. The effect is, there are quite a few advantages that run to them.

There is another technique actually, namely using an online agent. Where often they have a call center that supports and helps place our ads in so many rental sites. It seems that our chat is pretty good. Hopefully, the apartment we have can sell immediately.

Here’s How to Determine The Right Apartment Rental Price!

The property business is a business that has promising advantages, so it’s not surprising if there are not a few emerging property companies.

Even your individuals can run this business. But not all people have the right knowledge in assessing the rental price of their apartments. This is how the technique of assessing the price of an apartment for rent! Determining the apartment rental price is important because it will also assess whether the occupancy that you have can be sold immediately at a reasonable price.

How to Determine Apartment Rental Prices

For those of you who own property and manage it yourself, you have to be quite smart in assessing the price that will be installed. If you are wrong in calculating for sure, you will feel a loss not to mention the management costs that can swell later. Setting prices that are too high will create apartments that are difficult to rent. Usually, people dig for comfortable housing that is cheap and does not make holes in the bag. For that, carefulness is needed in calculating what rental price is right for the apartment you have.

Every property entrepreneur has his technique to calculate rental costs, but basically, the rules used are the same. If you also have an interest in investing your apartment, you need to know how to use techniques and tips to assess apartment rental prices to sell on the market. Based on information from the East Rentals and much successful info collected, the following are appropriate ways to assess the apartment rental price

Ask Friends or Contacts

To be able to judge a favorable price but not set a price too high, you can use the technique of asking a colleague or acquaintance who has business experience in the property sector.

Especially if he ever had a business leasing an apartment or house. Maybe your friend who has info about apartment rentals in central Jakarta or apartment rentals in Surabaya can help assess prices. Don’t hesitate to ask each detail about apartment prices, techniques to assess prices, and management. For you to better understand, try to find information on the internet or other media around apartments and property businesses. While looking for techniques to assess prices, you can also learn about the right business.

How to Determine Rental Prices

There are not a few references that you can read to assess the apartment rental price that you will market. And it turns out there are two techniques that can be used to calculate the rental price of a property. Following are the details of the explanation:

  • See Market Prices

When you want to assess the price of a business property that you need to do is to watch the market price. The first step is to see and match between your apartment and the other apartment. In terms of convenience and the same extent, you can begin to assess prices according to the information you get. Look for apartments that have the same details as the apartment you have. Do not forget to adjust it to the convenience that there are examples of tv, air conditioning, kitchen devices, and others.

Also, position yourself as a tenant, if the price you keep is that and the property obtained is also the case whether you are suitable or not. If appropriate, the price decided is right. The less facilities you provide, the rental price can also be higher, but if you offer convenience that is not comprehensive, try to adjust the price. Here the prospective tenants will also see if your apartment is worthy of being chartered at a price specified or not.

  • Use the Cap Rate System

Besides using the technique above, you can also use the Rate capitalization system. This method is often used by many property companies to assess the rental price of their apartments. How to assess rental prices utilizing this system is:

Rental Price (Rupiah / year) = Property price x cap rate (%)

The average stamp value ranges from 7 to 10 percent, for example, for example, the stamp rate is 8%, and the selling price of the apartment is around 600 million. Means the technique of calculating it is 600 million x 8%, the rental value generated is 48 million per year. If you want to be chartered monthly means the price you offer ranges from 4 million per month.

Consider Apartment Insurance Costs

As someone who has an apartment, of course, you are also responsible for the destruction that can occur when there is a natural disaster. For that, you also need insurance calculations that must be included in the apartment rental price that you will offer.

By entering insurance costs, you have a warranty that can be used if there is a breakdown and so on. Don’t worry, when there are not a few insurance companies that offer a comprehensive package in the property sector. There are also insurance companies that guarantee health and safety.

Apartment Investment

Doing business through a property business is now one of the promising activities. Especially when not a few people are digging for high-paying job vacancies to be able to fill their dream of living in a comfortable, luxurious, and pleasant residence. You can use this opportunity to grow your business. Especially if the apartment you have is in an urban area, you can set a higher price compared to a residence located far from the city center.

However, you also need to consider it and match it with the apartment around it. Do not let the price that you set turns out to be a very high price compared to other apartments. People cannot be interested in apartments that will be rented out.

Is the apartment difficult to sell?

Determining the price to rent an apartment is indeed not a business that must be felt trivial. For that, not a little information and knowledge that you must learn first. Right now, there are not a few apartments that have not sold well because the prices installed do not match the criteria they have. Well, what causes the apartment to be hard to sell? This is the reason:

  1. The location of the apartment is too far from the city center, and access is difficult to reach by public transportation because often people will consider how the place from the office is accessible or difficult to reach.
  2. Not useful apartment facilities also make your apartment prices go down. People who have an interest in their apartments are getting fewer because they feel that the facilities provided cannot be used properly.
  3. The third reason is the lack of care. Although not chartered, the owner must care for his occupancy so that when rented people do not feel uncomfortable and disturbed. The better you take care of the apartment, so not a few people will have more interest when watching the apartment.
  4. Prices that are installed too high can also cause the apartment to be difficult to sell. So try to pay attention to the techniques above so that you can assess the right rental price for an apartment.

Various Benefits of Vehicle Rental when Filling Holidays

Benefits of renting a vehicle when the holiday is most important.

This is not different because you still need transportation when you are traveling. This is the best technique for visiting the many tourist attractions and roaming cities in the locations you visit.

With all its conveniences, using a rental vehicle is not detrimental. Because in addition to service, the provision of the fleet will be optimal and can be chosen according to needs.

More Practical with the Benefits of Vehicle Rental on Vacation

Holidays do not often have to be complicated. Because with the rental and rental of vehicles, we can vacation in peace. Because, with the above affairs, we can get a prime vehicle and a driver who can accompany. Especially for the new one time to certain tourist locations, then the presence of these drivers will help to the tourist location easier.

Rent a Car Save More Power

Remember that a vacation destination is to spree and unwind. So with the rental of vehicles, we can save energy. First you don’t need to be a driver. Second, you don’t need to think about the best route to arrive at tourist sites.

So, holidays enjoy more because we can save energy. In addition, we can also sleep in the car when we want to switch to tourist sites. Can even sleep in it.

Many Fleet Choices to Rent

Whether you rent a car, rent a motorbike or rent a boat, everything is available with so many choices and types of vehicles. For example, if we want to rent a car, then we can choose the type of vehicle as needed and the number of passengers in it.

Many of these aramda options can also reduce the budget. Because each vehicle has a different rate. Then adjust to the budget so that tourism remains exciting.

Free Anywhere with Vehicle Rental

The main benefit of renting a vehicle is that we can go anywhere. You can also linger in one location and stop anywhere. With a note, the length of vehicle rental matches the agreement at the beginning. Because if the usage is longer than the charter, we can incur additional costs.

Vehicle Rental Can Unlock

For those who want to have a private time when on vacation with their family, then they can rent a key free vehicle. This means that you will not be accompanied by a driver. So we can drive ourselves or ask for help from others.

The specialty of this business is that we can explore more or less a few places. But you should not forget to keep driving safely. Make sure all the driving documents are not left behind. And do not forget to comply with any existing traffic provisions. Thus, the vacation schedule will not be chaotic and self-defeating.

Can Feel Luxury Constraints With Low Cost

Many people intentionally charter cars while on vacation to be able to relax. In addition, there are also those who want to feel the sensation of using luxury cars at cheap rental prices. Just say Honda Brio, Kijang Innova and many other car brands. Click here to watch the catalog of vehicles that we provide.

All vehicles with famous brands can be used with cheap rentals. This method can simultaneously bring the sensation of a comfortable vacation for the family. Especially with the situation of a vehicle that is still new, good, and maintained, the holiday will be more memorable.

That was the number of vehicle rental benefits during the holidays. For anyone who wants to take a vacation, especially those who carry a family group, vehicle rental is an economical and easy solution.